Asabo Restoration Stage 2 Design Verification and Scope Additions

Project     Asabo Restoration Stage 2 Design Verification and Scope Additions
Client    Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited
Country    Nigeria
Project-Period    2008


To re-habilitate the wellhead Asabo platforms (MB and MD) and return it to production.

Technical Data:

The Asabo production complex consists of four bridge connected platforms, MQ (Quarters), MP (Production), MG (Compression) and MB (Wellhead) and three remote satellite wellhead platforms (MA, MC and MD). For the Stage 2 work Wellhead platforms MB and MD are to be put back into service.
The Process equipment on the wellheads comprises of the wellheads, production and test headers, gas injection and gas lift headers, test separators, instrument and power gas facilities, vent and drain system and out-going and crossing multi-phase flow lines.

ILF Services:

  • Detailed Engineering was performed to return the wellhead platforms to production as well as correcting and modifying all necessary drawings and including additional scope
  • Reviewed the Engineering Scope of Work and included any additional activities
  • Reviewed the project  scope of work and detailed design conducted to date
  • Reviewed, validated and revised all drawings affected by new modifications and produced new drawings as required
  • As-built Documentation
  • Detailed site investigation Visits
  • Site Survey Reports
  • MTO
  • SOW for detail design
  • Risk assessment, Constructability and HAZOP review
  • Construction Package comprising installation of gas injection and gas lift lines, instrument gas facilities and flow lines.