Post IFC Usari FC Field Redevelopment Project Phase 3

Project     Post IFC Usari FC Field Redevelopment Project Phase 3
Client    Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited
Country    Nigeria
Project-Period    2008


The purpose of this project was to update the Issued for Construction package with slot additions and deck extensions, which was issued in November, 2006 on the Usari FC Field redevelopment phase 3 projects, and to reflect recent changes in well design and slot utilization.

Technical Data:

The Usari field, discovered in 1964, is located approximately 25 Km offshore Qua Iboe terminal. The water depth at Usari FC is approximately 71 feet. Usari FC consists of high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) production systems. The platform is equipped with 20” (HP) and 16” (LP) production manifolds as well as 6” (HP and LP) production and  test manifolds running across the east side of the platform. Each one of these has 12 slots. Well control is achieved via HP and LP Petrotech control panels while the multiphase meter and test separator are provided for well testing.

ILF Services:

  • Detailed Engineering performed to re-route flow lines and update the Issued for Construction Package accordingly
  • Performed gap analysis between Master Specification and company Global Practices (GPs) for materials in the original (existing) MTO, and reviewed differences/ gaps in material description to determine if materials needed to be changed to meet GP requirements
  • As-built Documentation
  • Detailed site investigation Visits
  • Site Survey Reports
  • MTO
  • SOW for detail design
  • Risk assessment, Constructability and HAZOP review
  • Implement Company’s pipe Fit Assurance System