Design and planning

ILF's design and planning know-how is based on more than 35 years of experience.

In its business areas ILF provides all design and planning services required for the implementation of a project. As the requirements are customer, business and country specific, a detailed understanding of the services to be provided is essential.

A precondition for successful design and planning is a well prepared design and planning process. While carrying out different work packages it is very important to continuously coordinate all interdisciplinary interfaces. Top-quality design and planning is ensured by interdisciplinary reviews of important milestones of the project.

ILF's design and planning services include:

  • Site documentation
  • Conceptual design and approved conceptual design
  • Permit application design
  • Bid design and optimisation of alternatives for general contractors
  • Detailed and tender design
  • Construction design

If required ILF also provides further services such as acquiring all the necessary permits.