A structured start-up facilitates the orderly transition of a project from the construction phase to the operating phase.

The start-up activities encompass a structured and consequent review of the constructed facility plant with respect to the contractually stipulated scope of operation. This necessitates accurate planning of start-up procedures.

As part of ILF's integrated improvement system the feedback from the start-up phase and operating phase is evaluated systematically. Pertinent conclusions are integrated into the design and management processes.

ILF's services at the start of the operating phase include the following:

  • Elaboration and coordination of commissioning, takeover and performance test programmes as well as start-up procedures
  • Supervision of commissioning, takeover and performance tests as well as start-up
  • Supervision and coordination of trial run as well as takeover of plant
  • Acceptance test and pertinent certificates
  • Elaboration of operating and maintenance manuals
  • Staff training
  • Technical consultancy after start-up (e.g.: with regard to ongoing operation)